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KX500 Original / Re: Worley radiators
« Last post by kevinseipp on Today at 04:09:02 AM »
Mylers is by far the best radiator company to deal with.  Great product, and great people.  Don't cheap out.
What year? Vin.# / Re: 1989 KX500 no casting marks on engine
« Last post by sandblaster on April 06, 2020, 03:46:37 PM »
Yes, it's a 89  1989 is KX500BE008501 - KX500BE010700
What year? Vin.# / Re: 1989 KX500 no casting marks on engine
« Last post by alward25 on April 06, 2020, 11:21:08 AM »
Because that is all there are, the head has a casting number.
OEM-CYCLE / Re: KX Guru Racing 92 KX500 Fast Bike Build
« Last post by sandblaster on April 05, 2020, 01:54:08 PM »
Super Moto Sunday Surprise! 92 KX500 Fast Bike Build.

OEM-CYCLE / Re: KX Guru Racing 92 KX500 Fast Bike Build
« Last post by sandblaster on April 04, 2020, 04:25:41 AM »
Things are progressing nicely..

OEM-CYCLE / Re: KX Guru Racing 92 KX500 Fast Bike Build
« Last post by sandblaster on April 02, 2020, 04:25:56 PM »
Just waiting for a few more parts...

Introductions / Re: New to the forum with an old KX500
« Last post by kevinseipp on April 01, 2020, 05:14:53 AM »
That's pretty interesting.  And thank you for the offer if I have any questions.  I'm sure I will definitely be taking you up on that.

I plan to do a restoration with some tasteful upgrades to the suspension and probably wheels.  I also want to go through the engine and freshen up/change anything that needs replaced.  Should be a good time.
I have a question does anyone have any info on the 1994 KX 125 as far as reviews or Dirt bike magazine, or Motocross Action? shootouts, comparing KX,CR,YZ,KTM,RM ECT? or possibly any European Magazine that may have done a review or a shootout, I am curious to read what was said, anything along those lines? I have diligently looked and cannot find anything? I do appreciate the help.
Introductions / MOTM 94 KX 125 new here from Phoenix Az
« Last post by MOTM on April 01, 2020, 04:44:25 AM »
Hello everyone, My name is Terry, songwriter / Bassist, lyricists for the Rock / Metal band Mechanics Of The Mind, out of Phoenix AZ, My son and I, are rebuilding a 1994 KX 125, the year he was born, it just worked out that way, when we found it on CL, we bought it used, not running, bottom seized, so we are replacing every bearing and seal in the bottom end, the cylinder was garbage, and had been re-sleeved, so bought a used cylinder with OEM specs, just have to take out the KIPS system in the old cylinder, and put it into the new one, but before I do that we are going to send it to Mellinium or US chrome, for re-plating. The outside clutch cover case? had a very long weld, on the outside, that was horribly done. I just split the cases a few days ago, and noticed that on the inside of that cover, it is completely still cracked, and ready to break off, so I found one on Ebay it will be here in a few days...I have already purchased all new bearings and seals, for the bottom end, new Rod, Piston, getting ready to have the crank rebuilt, and waiting excitedly for the mail lol. I am going to have the engine Vapor Blasted by a company here in Cave Creek called Vapor Blasting By Design, Owner is Kenny, really nice guy, he is going to blast the calipers, triple trees, swing-arm, cases head and cylinder, then I am going to have the frame Powder-coated with either RAL 6038, which as far as I can tell is the original color, or we may just go Black, son is pulling for black, so who knows? Then after all of that, the swing-arm bearings, linkage, wheel bearings head-stock bearings will all be replaced, then rebuilding the calipers, new brakes, rebuilding the rear shock and front shocks, new bars, cables ect, so when we are done, it should be a really nice Kawasaki 1994 KX 125, the way I figured it is, Its ok to rebuild this bike and dump money into it, for us to ride, as we only paid $200.00 for the bike, the guy was asking 600.00 but I told him there is no way, anyone is going to pay that much, for this bike, unless you part it out, the guy wanted nothing to do with it, so he took my offer, here is a few pics of it when we brought it home.....We also have a 2000 KX 250, with a seized motor, that we will be working on after the 125 is done....Having problems uploading pics?

KX500 Original / Re: Worley radiators
« Last post by motorman455 on April 01, 2020, 04:13:00 AM »
Stick with Mylers radiators in my opinion.
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