Author Topic: Need good direction,someone knowledgable on replacing rear shock, "84 KX500.  (Read 36 times)

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I'm looking for suggestions for a shock on my '84 500.  I have not found a good rebuildable stock shock I have 2 junk ones.
         I recently bought  a used Ohlins that WAS on an '84. Upon receiving it I see it's 1" longer than stock and was being used with the '85 adjustable link-arm/dogbane set short.
     I'm not confident refurbishing this set-up is a good idea.... mighta been some half-baked idea by a P/O.
Who can I contact out there that was into KX 500's back then.... someone knowledgeable on a good set-up, what worked.
Thanks, Dave
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I would not toss out the Ohlins.
I would contact them and see about shortening the stroke.
They may have other suggestions as well...
The four stroke engine: That's one stroke for producing power and three for wearing the engine out.

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what worn out on the 2 junk ones .if it the shaft you can have a new coating put on them and the housing were the piston slides can also be recoating , i saw a company in japan that does it , were  is the ohlins longer ?