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Thoughts on a paddle tire.
« on: February 09, 2021, 06:35:00 AM »
I'm making a trip to Little Sahara sand dunes in Oklahoma in April and I'm needing a paddle. Wanted to see what some thoughts were on what I'm thinking of running. Not sure if the tire size will work out good in the sand or if I have the power to run what I'm thinking also not sure on how many paddles. Currently my 500 is set up for the street running 17" wheels with a 150/70 R17 tubeless tire. What I'm thinking is run the exact same tire size send it to skat trak to have them buff it and put some viper or dominator paddles on it. I'm thinking 10 paddles maybe or 8 paddle for more wheel spin? Not sure how this size tire would work out in the dunes it almost rubs the chain as it is so would probably end up having to go with the viper paddles as their a little bit narrower than the dominators. My 500 isn't a high horsepower build it has the windowed piston, pro circuit pipe, vf2 with spacer, a Larry Wiechman head, lectron 44 and the power dynamo ignition with the lighter flywheel. Currently my gearing is 14/42. Would that size tire with that paddle count be good in the dunes and would it be to much or not enough for my 500? I've ran the kings turbo paddle in the past on my old 500 with the stock wheels and loved it but I only have the super moto wheel set up for my current 500 so I either have to go custom tire or buy another wheel set to run a mass produced paddle. Any thoughts ideas or advice would be appreciated
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