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kx450 19 first ride
« on: November 23, 2018, 07:25:13 AM »
Finally got to carve laps on the 19 450 , first thing the seat felt hard to sit on yet it was good when riding it next e start now that real good , first thing i always look for when i ride a new bike of some sought is, are the forks plush and are they harsh , they felt plush with no harsh spots and i would leave them alone , after reading mxa saying the rear brake was to grabby and i can say this is the best rear brake i have used strong and great feeling better then any other kx rear brake that come before it, handles great feel slim to ride and feels light like a 250f ,all that left to do is put a better chain on and set the sag .the rear shock is a tad harder then the front but that can change after setting the sag adjusting the clickers and more ride time , its fast ,easier ,less tiring to ride and fun.that what it all about.