Author Topic: 1999 Kx500 power valves "exhaust valves" help  (Read 304 times)

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1999 Kx500 power valves "exhaust valves" help
« on: June 03, 2021, 03:58:00 PM »
Hey guys, im havin a problem with my kx500.. i just redone the whole top end rebuild with new sleeve, 86mm, along with the wiseco piston and rings.. the only thang not new is the power valves.. when i got it back together it done great.. and bout 2 hours of ridin it started blowing oil out the exhaust pretty bad.. enough to splatter the bike up.. and its got a light bog like the power isnt all there.. its not oil gas mixture.. this is coming from case.. so i tore it back down and no prob with piston and rings.. the rings did seat to the cylinder.. gaskets were brand new.. how is oil coming through exhaust? Could the power valve have something to do with it? Please any info would be greatly preciated.. any ideas would be great.. and thanks for taking yalls time to check my post.. thanks..

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Re: 1999 Kx500 power valves "exhaust valves" help
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2021, 10:52:44 AM »
Is the gear box oil dropping in level as if the crankcase halves arnt sealed correctily is it blowing white smoke , what your fuel oil ratio mix and type of oil you are using, did you use a sealant where the o rings on the pipe that fit in the cylinder ,are your crank seals fresh what jets are in carby, are your reeds good , is the rubber manifold not cracked , is the power valve timed correctily and working  , was it doing this before the rebuild , i would make sure the air cleaner not falling apart and even check your with in the timing marks while your there check if there any crank up and down movement. Make sure your got the right plug .is the muffler full of oil and needs new packing.Did you check ring gap and fit the rings the right way up etc , we need this info to cross of the list as it hard to tell what it is with out looking at it directily.hope this helps.