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Kx250 1994 clutch pressure plate
« on: November 03, 2019, 03:51:36 AM »
Hello guys , a buddy of mine has just purchased a kx250 1994 cheap with a clutch fault and it stalls as soon as you shift to first from neutral, so I had it in the workshop and pulled clutch cover off and pressure plate inspected the basket and inner hub which are very slightly notched and will file out I did recommend a new basket rather than filing it down but he only plans on using to go to practice tracks not being a serious rider , so would filing down be okay and still work ? I also noticed the pressure plate was lipped on the contact surface and was scoring the edges of the clutch friction plate , almost tapered the friction material in which in my opinion I think is the cause here as I think the pressure plate wasn’t gripping on the friction plate due to very minimal contact on the friction material but making contact with the metal surrounding plate if that makes sense , thanks guys hope you can help !