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Author Topic: KX Guru Racing Products  (Read 1117 times)
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« on: October 05, 2018, 10:50:40 AM »

Hey Everyone,

Oscar here and I'm reaching out to my KX500 roots here on kxriders to offer you the products my team and I have began to offer so that you can modernize and set up your KX500 like the boys at Team Green.  Keep in mind that Emig Racing does OR did offer these products and we have a good relationship with them.  It is us, after all, that worked with Emig many years ago to begin producing the 132.5 mm  dogbones.  However Emig racing has recently gone through some changes and has become very difficult to contact and deal with.  This was one of the motivating factors to begin producing our own products for the KX500 world to benefit from.  Below I have listed some of our products with descriptions.  You can email me at kxgurusales@gmail.com to place and order or if you have any questions.

Our KX500/KX450 hybrid clamp is our method to properly adapt the KX450f front fork to the KX500.  These are the same exact clamps that were built for Destry Abbott's DA8 KX500 and are designed to work with the GPR V4 Pro submount damper.  These clamps can also be run with traditional bar and bar mounts if the damper is not your cup of tea.  We also have a deal worked out with both GPR and Fasst Company for their Flexx Bars to build you the ultimate set up.  We also offer Team Green spec 132.5 mm dogbones and replacement steering stems based off the 97-04 KX500 stem.  Our stator covers are of the same dimensions of the Boyesen covers only ours are 1 piece solid billet aluminum.  All of our products come in the bare aluminum finish to allow you to customize with polish, cerakote or anodizing.  Discounts are a available on a case by case basis for package orders

$400 plus shipping
KX500/KX450F hybrid clamps facts:
KX450F forks are .010" or 1/4th of a millimeter larger at the lower clamp than the 97-04 KX500 forks and can be pinched if used with stock KX500 triple clamps.  KX450F clamps are 24 mm offset and have shown to negatively affect the KX500 handling when used.  To use KX450 clamps you also have to modify the steering stops and you have to run either a custom stem or create a bushing for the top steering bearing.  Our clamps get you the KX500 geometry, KX500 steering stops and allow you to run the larger kx450F forks and utilize the late model KX500 stem

$550 plus shipping
GPR V4 PRO submount system for our clamps.  Damper color options are Blue, Black, Red and Gold

$330 plus shipping (custom pad colors $10 additional)
Fasst Company Flexx Bars greatly reduce vibration at the bars and reduce fatigue.

Destry Abbott's DA8 KX500 shows what our complete system will look like with the exception of the bar risers.  The bar risers in the picture are discontinued by GPR however we are currently working to get them reproduced inhouse.

$150 plus shipping
KX Guru Racing Stem facts:
The 1996 and older KX500 stems are .005" or 1/8th millimeter smaller at the base where they press into the lower clamp than the 1997-2004 stems.  An older stem CAN NOT be used with newer clamps as the stem will slip into the clamp and will not be a pressed fit.  1997-2004 OEM steering stems are still available from the Kawasaki WHILE SUPPLIES LAST but have to be purchased with the lower clamp as an assembly which retails for about $580.  Our stems are based off the 1997-2004 dimensions and are the solution for those with pre-1997 bikes who want to upgrade their clamps or for those with 1997 and newer bikes who need a replacement stem. 

$80 plus shipping
KX Guru Racing 132.5 mm dog bone facts:
Stock links are 134 mm from eye to eye.  At Team Green we used 132.5 mm links which effectively raised the back of the bike 10 mm to aid in steering and also changed the shock travel ratio which reduces the KX500's tendency to "buck".  Years ago I along with a few other KXRiders members contacted Emig Racing to have these bones reproduced.  Unfortunately the Emig bones have slightly less material than the stock links to save on manufacturing costs and the holes for the bolts are straight drilled with NO BUSHING.  We made our bones to be the same physical size as the OEM links and we used an Oil Lite (oil impregnated) bushing instead of steel to increase life and reduce friction. 

KX Guru Racing ignition/magneto covers are 1 piece solid billet aluminum and an effective way to ditch the old stock plastic piece.  Bare aluminum finish allows you to polish, anodize or cerakote to your liking.


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