Author Topic: Sprocket set up for woods 2001 kx 250 have 13/50 was thinking about 12/50  (Read 1351 times)

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Has anyone tried this set up?

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    It is cheaper to replace your counter sprocket than the rear, however it is a bit harder on the chain as it does have to go 'round the tighter radius. 
  There also may be a clearance issue with a 12t counter as it moves the chain physically  (pins in links) closer to the crankcase.  My KX5 had the case worn in an unusual spot between the countersprocket and the casewhen I got it.  When I went from a 14t counter to a 13 I saw where the damage came from.
  Probably not the answer you're looking for, just something to consider.  :|

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stick with the 13 on front and dont damage the cases and go for a 52 or 53 on the back.