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Author Topic: Rerouting the Brake Line on an 03 250  (Read 10349 times)
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« on: May 01, 2016, 10:18:39 AM »

I decided to do some suspension swapping on a couple of my bikes to get the best equipment on the bikes I have been riding the most.  In the process of doing that swap, I wanted to fix the brake line routing on Goliath to hopefully improve the lever feel.  My 250 and Goliath both have oversized front brake rotors, but the 250 feels so much better at the lever.  The suspension swap will involve the KYB kit suspension that I bought with my KDX Hybrid and it has the same brake line routing as the 03.  I read somewhere that you can use 08 RM 250 two stroke fork guards, which will eliminate the fork guides, and add the standard brake clamp location.  I purchased the guards, Suzuki brake line clamps, and a new 2004 250 Galfer front brake line from Rocky Mountain and proceeded to make the swap.

The first thing I did was notch the brake side fork guard to fit over the previous brake line clamp.  It's pretty easy because it has an indentation where you need to cut.  This is what it looks like on the other side guard:

Just cut up through that with a hacksaw, and then across with a utility knife.  It should look like this when mounted:

You will need to drill out one of the sides that mount on the front to remove the metal inserts or the second bolt won't fit.  Here is the bike with the new forks, and brake line routing.  The brake lever feel is a ton better, and should make the braking process a lot more immediate.

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