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Alan's Toys
« on: March 23, 2003, 12:20:26 AM »
Well guys, most of ya'll might know about my trip to El Paso last weekend and how I came back so sore I couldnt walk! :)

Alan has the best life in El Paso or should I say Al Paso?

Two great bikes and two four wheelers! We had a blast and I have to say that his KX500 is one of the best bikes I think I ever rode! So I'm not sure if I will sell the YZ490 or not but I'm going to buy a new KX500 once money allows!

I also got to ride my new friend Mark's XR650 and CR250 which was cool and even rode Alan's 300 Kawi 4 wheeler on Sunday since I was so sore. I had a great time and it has me wanting to move out to the desert and but a KX500!  :lol:

By the way Red, if you read this... why did Honda drop the CR500 again!? I cant remember... oh yeah no one was buying them. heheheh