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KX125 Big Bore Kits
« on: January 11, 2012, 12:37:57 PM »
134cc, 139cc, or 144cc Big Bore Kit Service.  Send us your cylinder, power valve, and head. Includes: Bore Cylinder and Re-Plate, Head Modification for bigger bore, Big Bore Porting, any Power Valve Modification needed, Piston Kit, Top End Gasket Kit, and Return Shipping.
*Crankcases are needed with your cylinder and head for the 144cc  kit. Clearance mod needs to be made to crankcase for bigger bore. You can send complete engine if your not comfortable or not able to disassemble bottom end. We can also check your crankshaft/connecting rod while it is here.

Price $510.00 1994-07 KX125

P.O. Box 79
22 A Street
West Warren, MA 01092
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