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Title: Worn out brake pedals
Post by: Hillclimb#42 on March 24, 2019, 08:24:59 AM
ISO brake pedal for a 96 kx250. Mine is worn to the point of rubbing a groove in the clutch cover. I know this is a problem on a lot of older kx bikes, if not all makes. The unobtanium pedal for my bike was only made on 95-96 250ís and 125ís. (Thanks again for the info Sandblaster) Iím sure a lot of you guys have had similar issues on other years. If anyone happens to have said pedal, Iím looking. (Buy or trade) The reason I put this here instead of ďwanted threadĒ, is Iím wondering if, you guys are repairing pedals or retro fitting from other models. Itís just the hole thatís worn, and I have seen threads in the past about using a bushings for newer pedals or pressing out OEM bushing and replacing that. Any help or advice on the process is greatly appreciated.