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How to post pictures using Imgur - the anti-Photo-suck-it
« on: October 11, 2017, 08:26:28 AM »
In order to post pictures to the site, you will need to set up an account with Imgur, which is free.  Go to the following link to get to Imgur:

Once you are there, you will need to set up an account.  Click on the sign up button at the top left hand side.

The following screen will pop up.  Click on the need an account? link. 

Fill out the user name you want to use and your e-mail, and then select a password.  Once you have the page filled out, click next

The site will then ask you to verify that you are not a robot.  Click the check box and then hit the register button.

If the site doesn't take you to your account, go back to the link above and select the sign in link.  Enter the user name and password you created earlier.

Now you are at the main screen.  Select the down arrow by your user name, and this will show a drop down list.

Select images from that list and the following screen will open.  Select the green "Add Images" button.

This will bring up a screen that will allow you to drag and drop your pictures or browse your computer to find a specific folder to add pictures from.  Select the pictures you want to add and upload.  The site will provide updates on how many pictures are left to load so you know how much time is left. 

Once they are done loading, click on the picture you want to link to.  It will look like this:

From the picture detail screen, press the copy button to the right of the direct link on the right hand side of the picture (see arrow above).

Now you are ready to post your picture to the site.  When you are posting a reply or new topic, to add an image you will need to first press the image button.  It will create a html designation that you will paste the link from Imgur into.  The button looks like this:

You will need to insert the link from imgur into the html designation, like this:

That is all you need to do to post a picture.  I will post another topic on how to update a link from Photo-suck-it to Imgur.

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